How can these symptoms of an attention deficit be managed?

ADHD Coaching

An ADHD Coach is trained in specific techniques to help people diagnosed with ADHD/ADD work on strategies for logistical issues that get in their way.

This includes assessing strengths and weaknesses, and setting up a game plan to help overcome areas that are inconsistent or seem shaky. These usually involve tasks for:

Self -monitoring
Time monitoring and management
Setting and meeting goals
Maintaining focus on what is necessary
Overcoming boredom
Taking initiative
Getting and staying motivated

Attention360 is a mobile-friendly web service to facilitate communication between parents, educators, and health care professionals. Attention360 functions as a web based forum set up to allow each collaborator to design and share their treatment plan, notes about success, express areas of concern, and then all parties to track progress. Further Attention360 allows all of these team members to communicate in real time. This will decrease the likelihood of issues falling through the cracks.

Research shows that the best outcomes for children with ADHD come from early diagnosis, optimal management, and effective communication between all parties involved with the child. Attention360 has been created to increase both optimal management and effective communication.

Dr. Stowe-Myer has been designated by Pearson Assessments to utilize Attention360. Please call or email her to discuss how Attention360 can help you increase effective outcomes for your child.

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