Studies have overwhelmingly shown working memory can be improved by up to 80%. However this must be done carefully. The CogMed program correctly applies the latest research. CogMed Working Memory training will improve working memory.

The working memory is a very short term memory that is passive, but also has an active part which holds information in our brain so we can prioritize, plan, organize, and adequately divide our attention. The "central executive" of the working memory delegates what we pay attention to, how long we pay attention, and how we will divide attention and switch our focus to something else.

A strong working memory is crucial to follow routines, to clean your house, to run your errands, to successfully complete school, read, follow instructions, to complete a math problem, and to feel competent at work. It helps us track conversations, control impulses, stick with something, and to be motivated to do other things or to start something new.

To complete CogMed, you will need a short introduction to the program, a designated coach, and a login key and password. This means the training can be completed anywhere you have the Internet.

Dr. Stowe-Myer is a certified CogMed trainer. She is happy to set up and monitor the program with you or your child to make you feel successful in school, work, relationships, and life!

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