Helpful Links


Dr. Russell Barkley, a leading expert on ADHD, offers a very detailed explanation of this neurological condition.
Intermountain Healthcare provides a great fact sheet for Adults with ADHD.
Washington University provides a fact sheet for dental health and prevention concerning people diagnosed with ADHD.
The National Learning Disabilities Association gives parents, educators, and health professionals fact sheets on learning disabilities, what to do for school help, lists a applications that can be used on phones, tablets, and computers to assist with note taking, math, organization, planning, etc., and a multitude of resources that are very helpful.
Edutopia is a very detailed website providing resources for help in the classroom, understand in the brain, and the latest research to assist people in the classroom.




Additional Links

Delta Society and Animal-assist therapy information

Braintraining software with Braintrain, Inc.

Tour the Brain in several languages.

Brain games and neuroscience for kids.

Research based information about how the brain works, how the brain works with illness, and how the brain can be rehabilitated.

Many brain training games.

This site explains working memory and what happens when working memory has impairments.

This site discusses specificity regarding cognitive impairments, tests and evaluations for these impairments, and software to help people correct these deficits.

Discussion of processing speed and deficits of processing speed.